Politics and the politic-speak

Today I attended the Greater Dallas Planning Council’s 2016 Annual Luncheon, Smart Growth, Mobility, Resiliency, Public Policy adn 21st Century City. It was an event I was invited to at the last minute, and it’s an event that defied my expectations.

  • First of all, it was held at the top of the Sheraton Dallas hotel. Being a connoisseur of hotels, this one’s a dump. (Full disclosure: Marriott just bought SPG, and this could be a beneficial hotel for me to stay at.) It’s old. Hard to tell that 7-Eleven moved out over two decades ago. It feels as it must have felt then… OLD.Portrait of young caucasian business people in office
  • Second, the speakers were great. They happened to be from old school Dallas, but they were good. Helen Giddings harkened back to the old pains of Dallas politics, which weren’t explicitly spelled out. But, she did a good job. Sylvester Turner spoke eloquently, if content-free, of the platitudes that politicians speak of. No one in the room could object to anything he said, which means that he said nothing of substance.
  • Third, I’m glad to know that there’s a group that is working on behalf of the greater Dallas area to think and plan ahead of development. One wonders if there is any planning that goes into Dallas city planning. I’m encouraged today about the idea that there are one or two people who actually think this through.

It was a good use of time, today. Hopefully, there are more people thinking through how we spend our resources on these kinds of matters.