More book lists… this time on professional services

I’ve been purging some stuff from my old office, and I guess I’m being nostalgic. I’ve been feeling like recommending and handing out books, which, thanks to my friend Leigh Davis, I’ve decided that giving away books is more profitable than selling them at an insulting price to Half Price Books.

I have gotten to know a former finance executive who has decided to get into professional services. He’s going to be in business development, which will be both challenging and rewarding for him, as he’s been around, has great credibility, and has an easy, humble, way about him. He and I have been talking about resources to help him shift his mind set from operational to services. I like to study the professional services industry, and especially consulting. I ran this guy through the gauntlet of two decades of reading. This is an email pasted, so it may sound a little funny.

Business MeetingHere are some of the books I mentioned the other day by David Maister:

Maister’s website also has a ton of resources on it, including some old video seminars that he did.

If you’re wanting to get more historical information on professional services firms, check out these resources:

I’m chock full of stuff on consulting. I really like consulting and have spent a lot of time reading up on it. There are two books that are a bit more difficult to find, but they are from THE two guys who are most responsible for the way consulting works today:

There are also some great articles by Clay Christenson, Arthur Turner, and Pankaj Ghemawat, but we can talk about that another time.