I’ve been a consultant since leaving industry in 1994. I have focused my practice in the past six to eight years on digital transformation, i.e., helping firms transform their manner of operating towards more digital methods. This typically involves decomposing both front and back office processes and re-imagining these processes in a new way using systems to automate actions, surface new insights, and create new ways for both employees and customers to interact with a company and its products. Several of the methods I’ve been using are: Cogent Handheld Card

  • Customer experience with a design-oriented approach
  • Process optimization
  • Data and advanced analytics
  • Internet of things
  • Technology due diligence and assessment
  • Technology roadmap and strategy

I have been doing my consulting work through Cogent Company, my firm that I founded in 2005 and grew to $12 million and 40+FTEs before changing direction for a few years. I’m back to building my consulting practice, and I’m anxious to work with clients in the best way to help them achieve what they want to achieve. I like problems, breaking things, fixing things, and driving adoption of solutions! Follow what I’m doing at Cogent in the following places:

For more information, you can email me.